WESTMINSTER-UNITED is a group of citizens who have become increasingly alarmed by the serious problems facing our city and the inability of certain elected officials to find solutions.

The city of Westminster is located in northern Orange County, California. Well known for our Little Saigon area, Westminster is a vibrant city of working people of many nationalities and backgrounds.

Once known for using inclusive civic engagement to address critical issues and create stronger connections among residents, Westminster won the All-America City Award from the National Civic League in 1996.

Problems (see Recall Reason in navigation menu) have been accumulating for years and citizens have been publicly sharing the concerns and dissatisfaction in City Council meetings in vain.  Tri Ta, Kimberly Ho, and Chi Charlie Nguyen have been closed minded to the concerns of the majority of residents that speak at City Council.

Although Council Members Tai Do and Sergio Contreras are fighting to change the status quo at City Hall, Tri Ta, Kimberly Ho and Chi Charlie Nguyen continue to act above the law.  They have gone far to silence both Council Member Do and Contreras by creating a policy that requires the Gang of Three to approve any topic before it can be brought to the agenda.  They silenced democracy and have created ultimate control.

WESTMINSTER-UNITED has come to believe the only way to stop this nonsense is to RECALL:

    TRI TA

Westminster-United is a movement, a collective of diverse residents, and is forming a Political Action Committee (PAC) for fundraising purposes.  There are 29 original proponent signatures on the Intent to Recall.  They are non-partisan and ethnically diverse.



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